When you enter our office for the first time, our receptionist will ask you to fill out a new patient registration form. This information is necessary so that we can contact you if necessary and so that we can fully and accurately complete any insurance/disability forms.

After completing the patient information form, you will be shown into an examination room and may be asked to put on an examination gown if appropriate, such as in the case of a spinal exam, etc. The doctor will take your medical history and examine you. Further testing, such as X-rays, may be necessary for a full evaluation of your complaint. A plan of treatment will be recommended and discussed with you. Please feel free to ask the doctor to explain anything you do not understand.

If hospitalization is indicated, it will be discussed with you. The doctors are on the medical staff of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

in CT laboratory. Observation room in an office with a computer tomograph