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Jeffrey S. Meisles, M.D.

Jeffrey S. Meisles,

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Ryon M. Hennessy, M.D.

Ryon M. Hennessy,

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Daryl L. O’Connor, M.D.

Daryl L. O’Connor,

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Experience Patient Centered Orthopedic Services

At Orthopedic Specialists, we understand how musculoskeletal illnesses can impact your daily life. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to treating various conditions, from acute injuries such as strains, sprains, and fractures, to chronic conditions like arthritis and bursitis. We will make sure your recovery and treatment are personalized for you and your life style

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If your treatment falls outside the orthopedic field, we will
refer you to an appropriate physician to ensure continuity of your care

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High Definition MRI Services

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is a way of getting pictures of various parts of your body without the use of X-rays, unlike regular X-ray pictures and CAT scans. An MRI scanner consists of a large and very strong magnet in which the patient lies. A radio wave antenna is used to send signals to the body and then receive signals back. These returning signals are converted into pictures by a computer attached to the scanner. Pictures of almost any part of your body can be obtained at almost any particular angle.



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