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Our pain management specialists are skilled in diagnosing and addressing various conditions, ensuring comprehensive care by collaborating closely with your other healthcare providers. The extensive range of conditions treated includes, but is not limited to:

  • Neck pain: Targeting discomfort in the cervical spine region
  • Back pain: Addressing issues in the thoracic and lumbar spin
    Hip, knee, and shoulder pain: Alleviating joint-related discomfort
  • Muscle pain: Treating soreness and inflammation in muscles
  • Headaches: Managing various headache types and their underlying causes
  • Nerve pain: Addressing neuropathic pain stemming from damaged nerves
  • Arthritis: Easing joint inflammation, stiffness, and overall discomfort
  • Sciatica: Relieving pain radiating along the sciatic nerve
  • Fibromyalgia: Managing widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue
  • Abdominal and pelvic pain: Diagnosing and treating pain in the abdominal and pelvic regions

By offering a comprehensive approach to pain management, we ensure that patients receive the most effective treatment options tailored to their specific needs.

Pain Management Services

Some of the comprehensive pain management services include:


Medications are vital in treating orthopedic pain by providing relief and improving the patient's quality of life. Over-the-counter options, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen, are commonly used for mild to moderate pain. In more severe cases, prescription medications like opioids, muscle relaxants, or topical analgesics may be recommended. It is essential to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan, as the choice of medication depends on the underlying cause, the severity of the pain, and the patient's medical history.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a minimally invasive treatment that directly targets muscle knots or sore spots, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. These injections can help with various conditions, including fibromyalgia, headaches, and back pain. Our team of pain management providers ensures the safety and effectiveness of every trigger point injection, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that involves inserting thin needles into specific points in the body. Our acupuncture-focused pain management services at Orthopedic Specialists help manage pain, reduce stress, and improve overall wellness. Acupuncture can help various conditions, such as chronic pain and osteoarthritis pain. We have experienced acupuncturists who can provide safe and effective treatment.

Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular to manage pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve overall well-being. Our licensed massage therapists offer techniques, including deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage, to help you find the relief you need. Massage therapy can help with headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Whole-person Approach

At Orthopedic Specialists, we take a whole-person approach to pain management. Our team works closely with other specialists to identify any underlying issues that could be contributing to pain. From there, we create customized plans tailored to your specific needs, such as physical therapy, counseling, or additional medical treatments, to create a successful treatment plan that leads you to improve your overall wellness.

Better Quality of Life

Our personalized treatment plans and comprehensive pain management services aim to improve your overall quality of life. We understand pain can affect every aspect of your life, from work to relationships to sleep. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being is essential; our team is here to help you. Pain relief can enable you to participate in activities you love and appreciate, allowing you to lead a fuller life.

Why Choose Orthopedic Specialists

Pain can be difficult, but you don't have to suffer alone. At Orthopedic Specialists, our team of pain management experts is here to offer comprehensive pain management services tailored to your unique needs, including trigger point injections, acupuncture, massage therapy, and a whole-person approach to pain management. Our services aim to improve your quality of life while managing your pain, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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The most common orthopedic pain is back pain, particularly lower back pain. It affects people of all ages and can result from various factors such as muscle strain, poor posture, spinal conditions, or injuries. Timely intervention and treatment are crucial for effective pain management.

Pain management is a medical approach focused on alleviating, reducing, or preventing chronic and acute pain. It involves a combination of treatments, such as medications, physical therapy, and alternative therapies, tailored to the patient’s specific needs, improving their comfort and quality of life.

The best medicine for orthopedic pain depends on the individual and the underlying cause. Over-the-counter options like NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen) or acetaminophen are commonly used. In some cases, prescription medications or topical analgesics may be recommended. Always consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

Interventions and techniques used in pain management include medications (NSAIDs, opioids, muscle relaxants), physical therapy, nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulation, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), acupuncture, cognitive-behavioral therapy, among others. The approach depends on the patient’s condition and needs.